Arizona Achievers

Arizona Achievers

Arizona is rich in success. Our business community is filled with hard-working, progressive leaders striving for a better tomorrow. If you are looking to get to know the faces behind the biggest organizations in AZ, this is the show for you. In every episode, key decision makers in our community share their success stories, failures and visions, so you get insight into their thought process and get inspired.

Arizona Achievers
  • Dr. Adam J. Milam

    Ever since he can remember, Dr. Adam J. Milam wanted to be a doctor. The journey began in his junior year of college when he switched his major to public health. Dr. Milam aimed to combine medicine and public health to serve and combat the healthcare disparities affecting underserved communities....

  • Dr. Christine Bracamonte Wiggs

    Dr. Bracamonte Wiggs’ unwavering commitment to making a measurable impact with heart is shaping her legacy of genuine community care and innovative public health leadership.

  • Ashley Kelly, JP Morgan Chase

    At 19, Ashley Kelly became a mother, and along with the responsibility she realized she needed to secure every opportunity for her newborn child. With the assistance of a friend, she found a job as a bank teller, and the rest is history.

  • Devney Majerle, President & CEO, Downtown Phoenix Inc.

    Devney Majerle, President and CEO of Downtown Phoenix Inc., joins Arizona Achievers to discuss her team's efforts in creating an inclusive downtown, accessible to all. Whether people come to central Phoenix to live, work, or play, the goal is to make downtown a welcoming space for everyone.

  • Scott Vanderpool, President, Bank of America Phoenix

    Scott Vanderpool, President of Bank of America in Phoenix, joins Arizona Achiever host Robin Reed, President and CEO of the Black Chamber of Arizona, to discuss his efforts in promoting a strong work-life balance atmosphere while leading the bank's 9,000 employees in Phoenix's rapidly growing eco...

  • Rachel Bond, MD, Cardiologist

    In this episode of Arizona Achievers, guest host, Erin Moran, Senior Director of Go Red for Women, has an important conversation with Rachel Bond, MD, Cardiologist about the staggering statistics related to maternal death rates in the United States and potential solutions.

    Dr. Bond was nominate...

  • Aaron Bare, Bestselling Author & Facilitator

    Aaron Bare, a bestselling author & facilitator, joins Arizona Achievers to talk about his book ‘Exponential Theory.’ Bare chats with guest host, Robin Reed, CEO of Black Chamber of Arizona, about the book's central theme: why a conscious leader is the right type of leader for the future of innova...

  • Chanel Bragg, Arizona Theatre Company, Associate Artistic Director

    Chanel Bragg, Associate Artistic Director of Arizona Theatre Company, joins Arizona Achievers to share how diverse and inclusive theater programs can help make every community a better place to live.

  • Denise Resnik, Founder & President, First Place AZ

  • Luis Gonzalez, Arizona Diamondbacks

    After delivering a World Series-clinching hit more than 20 years ago, Arizona Diamondbacks legend Luis Gonzalez has taken his talents into the front office and helped lead an organization on the field and in the community.

  • Tyler Palko, Chief Revenue Officer, Solutions 21

    Solutions 21 Chief Revenue Officer and Vice President of Business Development Tyler Palko joins Arizona Achievers to talk about how the lessons he learned as a leader on the gridiron translate to coaching leaders in the boardroom.

  • Tim O'Neal, CEO, Goodwill of Central & Northern AZ & Thrive

    Thrive is a new sister organization to Goodwill thrift stores. Its focus is on offering holistic social services that address all of the needs of people who are working to overcome poverty.

  • Shane Doan, Former Arizona Coyotes Captain

    If people trust you they’ll follow you, if they don’t they won’t. . .

    Shane Doan is the former Captain for the Arizona Coyotes for two decades, is the franchise's all-time leading goal scorer and was the longest-serving captain in the NHL until his retirement.

    He joins us for a conversation abo...

  • Bridget Pettis, WNBA Player/ Coach, Co-Founder, Project Roots AZ

    Pettis describes her team as a “village of empowerment and sisterhood” that became integral in her growth. It challenged her, enabled her to push forward in life and taught her the importance of creating space for yourself, and for others. ⁠

  • Kiana Maria Sears, President, East Valley NAACP

    Before you go to sleep tonight, Kiana Sears wants you to ask yourself if you’ve been, honest, forthright and courageous today.

  • Eric Sperling, Managing Director, STN

    Our founder explains how the "if it bleeds it leads" philosophy of local news pushed him to start a mission-driven media organization that tells stories that have an impact instead of pushing fear.

  • Quita Jackson, Co-Founder,

    Learn how Quita Jackson, Co-Founder of, went from being the person who killed every plant to running her own gardening business in the new episode of Arizona Achievers. ⁠

  • Dan Stellar, AZ State Director, The Nature Conservancy

    As an active outdoorsman and marathon runner, Stellar started to notice stark similarities in principle between successfully moving forward in his nonprofit career and evolving as an endurance athlete. Watch our interview with him in the new episode of Arizona Achievers!

  • Shante Saulsberry-Janice's Women's Center

    Shante Saulsberry moved to Arizona last year and decided to continue her long-standing tradition of breakfast at Chick-fil-A. Unknowingly, this habit would introduce her to a homeless woman named Janice, who would uncover Saulsberry’s secret gift, and change the course of her life.⁠

  • Teniqua Broughton, Executive Director, The State of Black AZ

    Teniqua Broughton is using data, art and business to change lives and policies in Arizona.

  • Drew Shaw, CEO, Voyce Threads

    What if everything you wore gave back to your community?⁠

    Drew Shaw thinks our society would look “transformatively different.”⁠

    Making generosity easy to create more equitable and thriving communities is the concept behind his “socially conscious lifestyle brand,” Voyce Threads. ⁠

  • Amy Robinson, Founder, Tiny Fox Creative

    In this episode of Arizona Achievers, Amy Robinson tells how she started out as a "secret" employee in the corporate world for the Arizona Cardinal. Then, went on to (eventually) start and own a creative agency. ⁠

  • Kathy Hoffman, Superintendent of Public Instruction

    Kathy Hoffman is the first educator to hold the position of Superintendent of Public Instruction in 20 years and is the youngest woman in elected office in the country. But, getting there wasn’t easy. She's bringing changes to Arizona public schools.⁠

  • Dr. Velma Treyham, CEO, Thinkzilla Consulting Group

    How do you define achievement?⁠

    CEO and motivational speaker Dr. Velma Trayham believes that your greatest achievements are defined by the degree of impact you make on others for the greater good. ⁠

    Trayham is a newcomer to the Phoenix-area. But, within the first 10 months of her residency sh...