Arizona Achievers

Arizona Achievers

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Arizona Achievers
  • Marcia Mintz, CEO, Boys & Girls Club of the Valley

    Marcia Mintz, CEO, Boys & Girls Club of the Valley, discusses the needs of the community and how the Boys and Girls Club is helping the families of essential workers and anyone who needs childcare.

    Marcia Mintz has created a safe space for children to come and do their homework, have activities...

  • Michael Crow, President, Arizona State University

    Michael Crow, President of Arizona State University, discusses the many ways he's contributed to the evolution of ASU, and the positive effects that have rippled throughout the state as a result.

  • Chris Camacho, CEO, GPEC

    Chris Camacho of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council dives into many of the misconceptions the public has around the local community and how Phoenix has become a hotbed for innovation and growth.

  • Monica Villalobos, CEO, Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

    Monica Villalobos discusses the importance of the K-12 system and how it can be utilized to invest in the future leaders of our communities.

  • Jerry Colangelo, Arizona Entrepreneur + Hall of Fame Sports Executive

    Jerry Colangelo, Arizona entrepreneur and Hall of Fame Sports Executive, shares his thoughts on his role in creating modern-day Phoenix, the future of the West Valley and what it means to be a lifelong learner.

  • Julie Giese, President, ISM Raceway

    Julie Giese explains what it means to her to be a leader and the massive shift ISM Raceway has seen in recent years.

  • Derrick Hall, President + CEO, Arizona Diamondbacks

    Derrick Hall was speaks on the evolving legacy of the Diamondbacks in the valley, and their unending dedication to uplifting the local community that supports them.

  • Paul Mulligan, CEO, Catholic Charities

    Paul Mulligan discusses the importance of uplifting the local community and how positive influences and actions can lead to growth.

  • Brian Mueller, President, Grand Canyon University

    Brian Mueller speaks about his role in the remarkable transformation of the university into one of the most successful change makers in the valley.

  • Nikki West, CEO, NYPD Pizza

    In an industry where employers typically see high turnover rates, Nikki West, CEO of NYPD Pizza, explains how transparency and a devotion to culture has allowed them to keep up their impressive retention rates.

  • Nicole Enright, Vice President, Avnet

    Nicole Enright, VP of Avnet, talks about her tips for success and how to adapt to the changing technological landscape.

  • Toni Morales Broberg, State President, AT&T Arizona

    Toni Morales chats about how her diverse work experience has allowed her to approach her job with optimism and how important it is to create a positive work environment that values the community it represents. ⁠

  • David Adame, CEO, Chicanos Por La Causa

    David Adame, President + CEO of the CPLC, explains the difference between hand outs and hand ups, and how he has harnessed this differentiation to better his community.

  • Robin Reed, CEO, Black Chamber of Arizona

    Robin Reed, CEO of the Black Chamber of Arizona, walks through his success tips and his belief in creating, implementing, and maintaining a good company culture

  • Neil Giuliano, CEO, Greater Phoenix Leadership

    From politics to non-profits, Neil Giuliano believes that one of the most important aspects of a great leader is their ability to communicate with their team. The former Tempe Mayor and current CEO of Greater Phoenix Leadership, shares his leadership philosophy through an in depth look at his car...

  • Kimberlee White, CEO + Co-Founder, Jabz Boxing

    Kimberly White, CEO and Co-founder of Jabz boxing, discusses the importance of women's empowerment and her experience with franchising. White explains how franchising, despite the challenges, has allowed her to expand the Jabz vision and community.

  • Tom Hatten, CEO, Mountainside Fitness

    The business of fitness, how motivational tools can be a universal answer to promoting collaboration. Founder and CEO of Mountainside Fitness, Tom Hatten talks about how he thrives on using common goals to motivate his team to work together.

  • Dave Richins: CEO, United Food Bank

    Dave Richins the CEO of United Food Bank explains the unique challenges involved with running a large organization. Richins touches on the importance of encouraging innovation and how choosing the right people for a team can make all the difference.

  • Stephanie McCarty: CMO, Taylor Morrison

    Stephanie McCarty, CMO at Taylor Morrison, talks through her experience as a young woman in corporate America.

  • Mike McQuaid, President, Human Services Campus

    Longtime valley business leader Mike McQuaid, shares his secrets to success. McQuaid stresses how building and maintaining a good relationship can lead to both personal and professional achievements.

  • Matt Clyde, President + Founder, Ideas Collide

    Matt Clyde president and founder of Ideas Collide had a chance to speak to us about his unique company culture, the importance of transparence and prioritizing what is best for the team.

  • Tammy McLeod, President + CEO, Flinn Foundation

    Tammy McLeod, President & CEO of the Flinn Foundation speaks on their mission to re-invest in the community and improve the quality of life for future generations.

  • Mi-Ai Parrish, CEO, Map Strategies Group

    Mi-ai Parrish of MAP Strategies Group discusses the importance of serving the community with honesty and integrity.

  • Deana Jordan, Executive Director, Equality Chamber