Arizona Achievers

Arizona Achievers

Arizona is rich in success. Our business community is filled with hard-working, progressive leaders striving for a better tomorrow. If you are looking to get to know the faces behind the biggest organizations in AZ, this is the show for you. In every episode, key decision makers in our community share their success stories, failures and visions, so you get insight into their thought process and get inspired.

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Arizona Achievers
  • Kashuna Hopkins, President, Favored Medical Billing

    Kashauna Hopkins, President of Favored Medical Billing, never received formal education in medical billing. But, 11 years later and a business of 70 clients nationwide, she's proof that untraditional education might be a revolution in the making. 

  • Thomas Barr, Vice President Business Development, Local First Arizona

    "I think we need to be inviting more people in. We need to be helping other people understand how they can activate the right way with the knowledge that they have to move things forward in a productive way."

  • Dr. Paul Underwood, Cardiologist and Medical Director, Boston Scientific

    Fewer than 3% of all cardiologists are Black people Despite the clear inequality in cardiology and practicing medicine in general (Black people make up roughly 5% of all physicians) Dr. Paul Underwood has spent decades as a trailblazer and advocate for community education and collaboration.

  • Joyce Medina Harper, Executive Director, Dougherty Foundation

    How can nonprofits make sure they’re spending money where it counts? By taking a position of partnership instead of power with community leaders. According to Harper, being the person with the money and privilege doesn’t always equate to knowing how to best budget nonprofit finances.

  • Stephanie Parra, Executive Director, All in Education

    How can the education system resolve the systemic inequalities that hold so many communities back from reaching their full potential? “It’s going to take a collective effort and all of us coming together around a common cause,” says Stephanie Parra, founding Executive Director of All In Education.

  • Justin Bayless, CEO, Bayless Integrated Healthcare

    “I've always been hungry for knowledge from people who have been successful,” explains CEO of Bayless Integrated Healthcare, located in Phoenix. Throughout the pandemic, Bayless built his company into one of only 13 accredited telehealth providers in America. He also reached executive status in h...

  • Jevin Hodge, Nonprofit Leader

    Jevin Hodge is a nonprofit leader, a business leader, motivational speaker, business coach and has even run for a political office. By day, Hodge serves as the National Engagement Coordinator for LINK Strategic Partners based in Washington, D.C.

    Hodge has three principles for leadership that ha...

  • Shawn Pearson, Founder, Zion Institute

  • Alice Cooper, Rock & Roll Legend

    For close to two decades, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and Valley legend Alice Cooper has been providing opportunities for teens to open up and find their creativity and talents in the world of music and the arts. He and his wife Sheryl created the Solid Rock foundation back in the mid 2000's but ...

  • Lloyd Hopkins, Founder, Million Dollar Teacher Project

    Lloyd Hopkins lost his job. As if to eliminate any possibility of misunderstanding, he elaborates. He was fired. And, for punctuation, he knew it was coming and knew he should’ve left the job at least two years before his firing. Make no mistake. There is no sugar-coating in his unvarnished, rela...

  • Jason Franklin, Co-Founder, Sportiqe

    Jason joined us on Arizona Achievers to talk about learning lessons in business early on and applying those lessons even after a substantial amount of success. Sportiqe is now a global company that has partnerships with many large organizations including the NBA and Nintendo.

  • Scott Harkey, President + CEO, OH Partners

    As a business executive, Scott Harkey embodies the word “unconventional”. The President & CEO of OH Partners is just 38 years old, has sleeve tattoos and wore Vans to his “Arizona Achievers” interview. Oh, and he started his career in marketing and advertising without graduating college.

  • Xavier Gutierrez, President + CEO + Alternate Governor, Arizona Coyotes

    In the midst of the pandemic, Xavier Gutierrez was in the midst of a career change. After two plus decades working in business investment and finance, he became the first Latino NHL president and CEO in June 2020.

    He joined STN on “Arizona Achievers” to talk about the diverse future of hockey, ...

  • Michael Stavros, Partner + Director of Business Development, M Culinary Concepts

    The food and beverage industry was hit hard during these past few months, and it's hard for anyone to predict what recovery will look like and when it will occur. Many in the industry are experiencing the most challenging year of their professional careers. One of those people is Michael Stavros,...

  • David Green, President + CEO, Vitalant

    On our latest edition of Arizona Achievers, Vitalant President and CEO Dave Green discusses rapidly making the choice to move from primarily collecting blood and platelet donations to also collecting COVID-19 plasma, also known as convalescent plasma, early in the pandemic. The choice has now pot...

  • Arnott Duncan, CEO, Duncan Family Farms

    Arnott Duncan had a different vision for what working on a farm should be like. He left his family's farm and began a new business venture with his wife to make his vision a reality. During Duncan Family Farms creation, he brought everyone together to share this new vision of respect for everyone...

  • Ashley LaRae, Founder + Consultant, StylePhx

    "I don’t necessarily help people become a leader, I help the leaders fill in the gaps and the cracks so they can build that really strong foundation to get to the next level."

  • Cal Jernigan, Lead Pastor, Central Christian Church

    Cal Jernigan, Lead Pastor, Central Christian Church talks with us about how church has changed during the pandemic and how to lead with transparency during crisis.

  • Brad Clothier, EVP of Business Development, Delta Dental of Arizona

  • Kimber Lanning, Executive Director, Local First Arizona Foundation

  • Joseph Specter, President + General Director, Arizona Opera Company

    "Part of the culture of a great organization is its ability to embrace the hard truths."

    Catch the latest episode of Arizona Achievers with Arizona Opera Company President + General Director Joseph Specter. He shares how the Arizona Opera is staying on track with their long-term vision when thei...

  • Tracy Leonard-Warner, Executive Director, Ryan House

  • Art Taylor, Paypal, Chandler Site President

  • Jason Paprocki, COO, Arizona Federal Credit Union