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  • Community Collaborative Episode 25: Access to Capital

    In this episode, we examine access to capital as it relates to our communities of color. Past studies, including one from the U.S. Department of Commerce, have shown that minority-owned firms are less likely to apply for loans due to fear of rejection, and that they typically pay higher interest...

  • Episode 1: Waste Reduction


    Learn why reducing waste is critical to our environment and the most convenient ways to cut waste at your home or office.

    Danielle Van Vleet, Sustainability and Diversity Procurement Program Manager at Arizona State University, will share her knowledge of Arizona’s waste l...

  • Corey Woods, Mayor of Tempe

    “At some point, someone who looks like me is going to win a council seat in this city. So, if someone who looks like me is going to win, then why not me?”

  • Leading in the Moment: Legends Performance and Wellness

  • Episode 13: One Artist's Message: "YOU ARE AMAZING"

    Bringing “fast-food positivity” to the community is the mission of local artist Jayarr Steiner. He’s now sharing his “You Are Amazing” message and mural to those at the Human Services Campus. Steiner joins us live in studio to share why this recent project was not only important, but also deepl...

  • Erin Moran, American Heart Association, Senior Director

    "You have to advocate for yourself. We've lived in our bodies longer than anybody has. You know how you feel inside. If something is wrong, something is wrong. . ."

    Erin Moran

  • Risa Kostis, Style Expert & Entrepreneur

    "It took me a long time to realize that I can't completely give myself as an entrepreneur and as a service-based provider if I'm not starting with myself. . . It is really hard to sort of put yourself first and be reminded that self-care is the ultimate form of confidence-building, self-respect a...

  • Episode 24: Creating an "Inclusion Index"

    There’s been a lot of momentum and movement in the space of diversity, equity and inclusion inside Arizona businesses. So what’s next? Chris Camacho, CEO and President of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council, will join us live in studio to answer the question: What will it take to get a first-o...

  • Leading in the Moment: Project Roots