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  • Pa'Que Sepas: Social Determinants of Education

    Arizona’s education system is a topic of discord between leaders, educators, and policymakers.

    Arizona's K-12 student population is growing to be significantly more diverse. But, Black, Hispanic and Native American students pass standardized tests at lower rates than their white peers.

    Low te...

  • Pa'Que Sepas, Health Care

    Students experiencing an illness or disorder that isn't adequately managed due to a lack of health care resources directly correlates to their ability to succeed academically. This is also true for students with parents with disabilities, who must step-in in place of health care workers.

  • Tim O'Neal, CEO, Goodwill of Central & Northern AZ & Thrive

    Thrive is a new sister organization to Goodwill thrift stores. Its focus is on offering holistic social services that address all of the needs of people who are working to overcome poverty.

  • Fortunate Failures: Dave Miranda

    All you can do is enough. As long as you do all you can do.

  • Episode 43: Supplier Diversity

    In this episode we will examine the importance and business case for “Supplier Diversity.” We’ll be joined in studio by Courtney Moore, Director of D, E, I and Supplier Diversity from Southwest Gas and Conrad Smith CEO of Graphite Systems. We’ll also go inside “360 in the Kitchen” with Chef Ste...

  • Episode 31: Human Trafficking & Homeless Youth

    According to an ASU study, nearly 50% of young adults experiencing homelessness identified as LGBTQ+ – and the average age of their first homeless experience was at 17 years of age. Of those who participated in the survey, about 40% said they had experienced exploitation in the form of labor or ...

  • Episode 11: People Over Politics

    It's election season in Arizona.

    As we work to familiarize ourselves with the agendas of prospective candidates, it's common for our passions about issues to spill into more conversations at work, at home and with friends.

    Unfortunately, these interactions aren't always positive.

    It doesn't...

  • Episode 42: A New Approach to Mental Health

    In the last couple of years, we have watched the pandemic and social unrest take a toll on our community’s mental health. However, we’ve also seen a new willingness to speak up and out about mental wellness. Now, there is a new organization in the Valley taking a fresh approach to the mission o...

  • Shane Doan, Former Arizona Coyotes Captain

    If people trust you they’ll follow you, if they don’t they won’t. . .

    Shane Doan is the former Captain for the Arizona Coyotes for two decades, is the franchise's all-time leading goal scorer and was the longest-serving captain in the NHL until his retirement.

    He joins us for a conversation abo...

  • Pa'Que Sepas: The Impact of Poverty on Education

    Students who are not in stable, economically secure households face significant and disproportional challenges than other students.

  • Join Us at The Well | Zion Institute

    The Well is a series highlighting how Zion Institute transforms people, communities and the marketplace to break cycles of generational poverty. In this episode, we hear from Shawn Pearson, CEO, Erick Pearson, Co-founder, Ayana Hill, COO and Lanae Thomas - Director, Early Childhood Education shar...

  • Episode 10: Transportation

    In episode 10, you’ll learn about the transportation landscape in our state. You’ll hear from Tucson’s Historic Fourth Avenue Coalition about how they’re getting creative with the community to rethink transportation choices. You may want to use some of their ideas! Scott Smith of Valley Metro and...