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  • An Update from Valley of the Sun United Way

    Carla Vargas Jasa, CEO of Valley of the Sun United Way, provides an update on how nonprofits are keeping services available and how the community can help.

  • Continuing the Fight Against Human Trafficking

    A New Leaf is making sure that in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the continuous fight against human trafficking in Arizona is not forgotten. The Arizona Attorney General’s Office recently gave the organization a grant of $49,130 to expand the provision of emergency shelter and rapid re-housi...

  • Valley's Heat Relief Programs

    Major David Yardley from The Salvation Army and Mike Hanosh from St. Vincent De Paul joined us to talk about the changes and challenges each organization has seen so far regarding heat relief programs, cooling stations and heat-refuge locations here in Arizona during the pandemic. The valley's v...

  • Sensagrate Leading in the Moment

    Darryl Keeton, founder of Arizona-based software company Sensagrate, talks about how his organization has been able to use their technology to help our community during the pandemic and also how recent events surrounding justice and equality have inspired action from his leadership team.

  • AIA Provides Guidelines for Returning to High School Sports

    David Hines, the executive director of the AIA, spoke with us about the state of high school athletics here in Arizona during the pandemic. Hines said currently the AIA is in summer mode, meaning the schools and districts are in control of all preseason workouts and social distancing protocols. H...