Lessons in Leadership

Lessons in Leadership

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Lessons in Leadership
  • Mentorship: Dr. Christine Lin

  • Kindess: Mi-Ai Parrish

    Mi-Ai Parrish, CEO of MAP Strategies Group, speaks on what makes a good leader and why kindness is an important value to have.

  • Self-Awareness: Jason Paprocki

    Jason Paprocki, EVP & COO of Arizona Federal Credit Union explains in his experience why self-awareness is one of the most critical components of a successful leader.

  • Be Authentic: Stephanie McCarty

    Stephanie McCarty explains why she thinks authenticity is one of the best characteristics one can bring to their professional and personal lives.

  • The Lion Mentality: Percy Bland Jr.

    King of the Jungle, leader of the pride: Willbridge Financial Group CEO, Percy Bland Jr., explains how a lion mentality (leader's mindset) is one of the most crucial aspects of a great executive..

  • Abundance: David Adame

    David Adame, President and CEO of Chicanos Por La Causa explains the significance of the word abundance and how it plays a role in leadership.

  • Imposter Syndrome: Chris Pace

    Senior Director of Digital Marketing at Banner Health, Chris Pace talks through the methods he uses to confront his imposter syndrome, and the importance taking advantage of a teams diverse set of skills when collaborating.

  • Building Loyalty: Nicole Enright

    Nicole Enright of Avnet talks about the importance of transformational change and how loyalty plays a major role.

  • Show Empathy: Aaron Peace

    Dignity Health Foundation East Valley President, Aaron Peace dives into why empathy is one of the most valuable skill sets a leader can have. Peace explains how being able to connect with team members through empathy can fosters a healthy and productive culture.

  • Productive Disruption: Dr. Radi Rahimi

    Dr. Radi, Backfit Health + Spine Founder/CEO, discusses why he believes productive disruption is the key to growth and development.

  • Delegate: Rex Albright

    Arizona Burn Foundation CEO, Rex albright talks through delegation and how this tool has allowed him to empower decision making and improve productivity for himself and his team.

  • Taking Risks: Terry Switz

    Terry Switz, BMO Harris Bank Director, believes that risk taking and exploration into areas of interest, are two of the best ways to ensure a healthy and productive career path.

  • Create Win-Wins: Dr. Albert Amini

    Albert Amini, Founder and President of Arizona Premiere Surgery, explains why he believes in investing fully into his employees to maximize efficiency and maintain a productive culture.

  • Gratitude: Malia Sperling

    Malia Sperling, Business Development Director at The Social Television Network, speaks on leadership skills, and how can they can be most effectively used to drive a productive work culture.

  • Decision Makers: Jesse O. Garcia

  • Just Take Action: Len Hayko

    Jabz Co-founder, Len Hayko shares how he brings ideas to life by following a simple idea and taking action.

  • Calculated Risk: Michael Kehoe