Lessons in Leadership

Lessons in Leadership

As leadership develops, key ideas guide each leader day-to-day and into the bigger moments of their journey. Each Lessons in Leadership, our greatest community leaders share a skill turn philosophy that helped them excel and achieve their success. Success is all about making the lifelong commitment to continue growing and challenging yourself. The ideas shared in LIL challenge us to reflect and improve of our leadership development.

Lessons in Leadership
  • Mentorship: Dr. Christine Lin

  • Kindess: Mi-Ai Parrish

    Mi-Ai Parrish, CEO of MAP Strategies Group, speaks on what makes a good leader and why kindness is an important value to have.

  • Self-Awareness: Jason Paprocki

    Jason Paprocki, EVP & COO of Arizona Federal Credit Union explains in his experience why self-awareness is one of the most critical components of a successful leader.

  • Be Authentic: Stephanie McCarty

    Stephanie McCarty explains why she thinks authenticity is one of the best characteristics one can bring to their professional and personal lives.

  • The Lion Mentality: Percy Bland Jr.

    King of the Jungle, leader of the pride: Willbridge Financial Group CEO, Percy Bland Jr., explains how a lion mentality (leader's mindset) is one of the most crucial aspects of a great executive..

  • Abundance: David Adame

    David Adame, President and CEO of Chicanos Por La Causa explains the significance of the word abundance and how it plays a role in leadership.

  • Imposter Syndrome: Chris Pace

    Senior Director of Digital Marketing at Banner Health, Chris Pace talks through the methods he uses to confront his imposter syndrome, and the importance taking advantage of a teams diverse set of skills when collaborating.

  • Building Loyalty: Nicole Enright

    Nicole Enright of Avnet talks about the importance of transformational change and how loyalty plays a major role.

  • Show Empathy: Aaron Peace

    Dignity Health Foundation East Valley President, Aaron Peace dives into why empathy is one of the most valuable skill sets a leader can have. Peace explains how being able to connect with team members through empathy can fosters a healthy and productive culture.

  • Productive Disruption: Dr. Radi Rahimi

    Dr. Radi, Backfit Health + Spine Founder/CEO, discusses why he believes productive disruption is the key to growth and development.

  • Delegate: Rex Albright

    Arizona Burn Foundation CEO, Rex albright talks through delegation and how this tool has allowed him to empower decision making and improve productivity for himself and his team.

  • Taking Risks: Terry Switz

    Terry Switz, BMO Harris Bank Director, believes that risk taking and exploration into areas of interest, are two of the best ways to ensure a healthy and productive career path.

  • Create Win-Wins: Dr. Albert Amini

    Albert Amini, Founder and President of Arizona Premiere Surgery, explains why he believes in investing fully into his employees to maximize efficiency and maintain a productive culture.

  • Gratitude: Malia Sperling

    Malia Sperling, Business Development Director at The Social Television Network, speaks on leadership skills, and how can they can be most effectively used to drive a productive work culture.

  • Decision Makers: Jesse O. Garcia

  • Just Take Action: Len Hayko

    Jabz Co-founder, Len Hayko shares how he brings ideas to life by following a simple idea and taking action.

  • Calculated Risk: Michael Kehoe