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  • Prevention and Diversion with UMOM | Ep 2

    Amy Schwabenlender and Jackson Fonder were joined by Human Services Program Director Richard Crews for a discussion focused on diversion and prevention as ways to help reduce the strain of housing challenges on both those who need assistance and the systems in place to help them.

  • Sprung Structures | McQuaid Mission | Ep 1

    A discussion about homelessness and affordable housing in the valley with Human Services Campus Executive Director Amy Schwabenlender and Jackson Fonder, the CEO at UMOM. They discussed the numbers of unsheltered people living on the streets of Phoenix, the growing waitlist for services for famil...

  • Human Services Campus Leader Profile: Richard Crews

    Human Services Campus Program Director Richard Crews talks about his mission to end homelessness and the “dirty work” required to do it.

  • How Mercy Care is impacting lives in the Valley | Ep 1

    During the September episode of It Happens at STN, leadership from Mercy Care joined an Action Panel to discuss their mission, why September is such an important month and how they are measuring impact and success in the community they serve.

  • Episode 31: Human Trafficking & Homeless Youth

    According to an ASU study, nearly 50% of young adults experiencing homelessness identified as LGBTQ+ – and the average age of their first homeless experience was at 17 years of age. Of those who participated in the survey, about 40% said they had experienced exploitation in the form of labor or ...

  • Episode 30: Solutions in Motion

    Leaders in the homeless and affordable housing space rally together to share stories of recent solutions that have had a significant impact on their communities.

  • Episode 29: Health & Homelessness

    The latest point in time count reveals a 35% increase in the region's homeless population with over 5,000 individuals living unsheltered. In this episode, we rally community leaders to talk solutions in the specific areas of prevention, services and housing.

  • Episode 28: Senior Home Sharing

    We’ll take a closer look at fresh solutions aimed at keeping our seniors housed. Meet a trio of Valley leaders behind a new plan centered around “home sharing.” Plus, AZ Senate Bill 1581 is making headlines – it would allow COVID-19 relief funds to be used for sanctioned homeless encampment are...

  • Episode 27: LGBTQ Youth Homelessness

    According to a recent ASU study, nearly 50% of young adults experiencing homelessness identified as LGBTQ – and the average age of their first homeless experience was at 17 years of age. We’ll be joined live in studio by Nate Rhoton, Executive Director at one-n-ten, for a look at what’s being do...

  • Episode 26: Shared Housing Initiative

    The Valley’s real estate and rental markets are exploding; rents continue to increase at a rapid pace, pricing many individuals and families out. In this episode, we will explore the “Shared Housing Initiative” and how it may provide much-needed help to those experiencing homelessness.
    Rob Pod...

  • Episode 25: Family Homelessness

    We shine a light on parents and little ones experiencing homelessness. UMOM is on the frontlines as the coordinated entry point for families needing help. Jackson Fonder, CEO of UMOM, will join us live in studio to talk about the challenges and actions underway to assist families in need.

  • Episode 24: Inside The Arizona Housing Fund

    We take an inside look at the Arizona Housing Fund. Founder Howard Epstein joins us live in studio for this conversation. See how local business leaders are paving the way when it comes to building more affordable supportive housing in our state.

  • Episode 23: Native Connection & Community

    We take an inside look at the important work of Native American Connections. President and CEO Dede Yazzie Devine joins us live in studio to discuss how they help provide safe and affordable housing for our Native communities and beyond. Native American Fatherhood and Families Association Preside...

  • Episode 22: Keeping Seniors Housed

    What is being done to keep our seniors safe, housed and off the streets?
    Older adults are reported to be the fastest-growing homeless population in the Phoenix area. We’ll look at the systems in place to help and discuss the major triggers that can play a role in leading to senior homelessness.

  • Episode 21: The Power of Healthy Giving

    The season of giving is here – that time of year when many open their wallets to donate to valuable causes and charities. But while our hearts might be in the right place, does our approach need to change? We look at the power of the “Healthy Giving” concept and hear why it’s changing the way s...

  • Episode 20: Harnessing the Momentum of Now

    We are seeing record funding pour into our community from the American Rescue Plan and recent grants provided by the Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust. How do we harness the momentum of the moment to create sustainable change? Former UMOM CEO and owner of Newsom Nonprofit Consulting Darlene N...

  • Episode 19: The Process & Power of Philanthropy

    Last month, the Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust awarded $123 million in surprise grants to 71 nonprofit organizations. This marked the largest single-day grant initiative in Arizona’s history. We will be joined live in studio by Piper Trust President & CEO Mary Jane Rynd and Wildfire Executi...

  • Episode 18: Inside Rapid Rehousing

    For those experiencing homelessness, getting into a safe place can be a scary and daunting journey. In this episode, we look at the process of “Rapid Rehousing” to see what’s working and what obstacles still remain. In a booming housing market, landlords play a critical role in these programs, ...

  • Episode 17: The Path to Housing

    For many experiencing homelessness, the path to housing is not always a quick or easy journey. What are some of the roadblocks and how can we make the process better? We will sit down with one expert to talk about strategy as well as opportunities. Plus, we go inside the organization “ELAINE” ...

  • Episode 16: Housing & The County Connection

    The issue of both permanent and temporary housing for those experiencing homelessness is an urgent one. We’ll sit down with leaders from Maricopa County’s Human Services Department to hear what resources are being put into action. Plus, we go one-on-one with the “Tiny House Doctor,” the Valley p...

  • Episode 15: Importance of Community Outreach

    We take a look at power of community outreach. From boots on the ground to the funding that provides much-needed support for organizations across the Valley, we’ll discuss why the outreach component is so critical in the fight to end homelessness.

  • Episode 14: Front Line of Mental Health & Homelessness

    What does it look like on the front lines when it comes to mental health and homelessness? Phoenix Police Assistant Chief Sean Connolly and Behavioral Health Consultant Kate Chandler from Circle the City join us live in studio for the insight you rarely hear about. Also, meet the former star at...

  • Episode 13: One Artist's Message: "YOU ARE AMAZING"

    Bringing “fast-food positivity” to the community is the mission of local artist Jayarr Steiner. He’s now sharing his “You Are Amazing” message and mural to those at the Human Services Campus. Steiner joins us live in studio to share why this recent project was not only important, but also deeply...

  • Episode 12 Best of: The McQuaid Mission

    We take a look back at some of the most memorable interviews with McQuaid Mission guests.