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McQuaid Mission

McQuaid Mission
  • McQuaid Mission | Episode 8, Season 2

    The goal at UMOM New Day Centers is to make homelessness infrequent and non-recurring. In 2023, UMOM served over 600 families experiencing homelessness, 80% of those families transitioned to permanent housing with the help of their short-term shelter program. UMOM’s leadership team joined the seg...

  • McQuaid Mission | Episode 7, Season 2

    Creating mutually beneficial corporate and nonprofit partnerships is crucial for the sustainability of nonprofits. It is equally as important for businesses in the for-profit sector.

    St. Vincent de Paul in Phoenix and the Arizona Housing Coalition are examples of two local nonprofits that create...

  • Behind the Human Services Campus name change | Episode 5, Season 2

    Human Services Campus CEO (HSC) Amy Schwabenlender delves into the reasons behind their rebrand. Schwabenlender, along with Richard Crews, program director at the campus, and Letticia Brown-Gambino, executive director at the Keys Campus, discussed how the rebranding of the Human Services Campus w...

  • Serving multigenerational homelessness | Episode 4, Season 2

    Leadership at UMOM joins to discuss how their organization is addressing the needs of the growing number of large families on their waitlist. The panel also discusses a substantial grant that they received, and how the funds will help their clients immediately.

  • McQuaid Mission | Episode 3, Season 2

    Affordable housing for seniors is a growing problem across the state. In McQuaid Mission, Amy Schwabenlender, CEO of Human Services Campus, and Jackson Fonder, CEO of UMOM New Day Centers, welcome Matt Kelly, Lead Housing Liaison at Mercy Care, Lauren Lauder, Deputy CEO for Spectrum Healthcare, a...

  • What is bridge housing? | Episode 3, Season 2

    STN takes you inside Human Services Campus bridge housing program to show how they help people transition from life on the streets to new life off the streets and into housing.

  • Affordable housing for seniors | Episode 3, Season 2

    Matt Kelly, Lead Housing Liason at Mercy Care, Lauren Lauder, Deputy CEO for Spectrum Healthcare, and Shelly Marquez, President Mountain Plains at Mercy Housing join McQuaid Mission producers Amy Schwabenlender, CEO at Human Services Campus, and Jackson Fonder, CEO at UMOM New Day Center to talk ...

  • UMOM's workforce development program brings hope | Ep 10

    The quickest path to housing for individuals experiencing homelessness is through employment.

    UMOM New Day Centers created a program specifically designed to connect their clients with the workforce or guide them toward employment opportunities.

    With the support of partner businesses and UMOM...

  • McQuaid Mission’s impact, three years later | Ep 9

    We take a look back at the last three years of McQuaid Mission with Amy Schwabenlender, CEO of Human Services Campus and Jackson Fonder, CEO of UMOM New Day Centers.

    They share the accomplishments of the show over the last few years. They also look at where the show goes moving forward in its mi...

  • How UMOM New Day Centers created a sustainable revenue stream | Ep 8

    Creating sustainable revenue streams for nonprofits is one way they can continue their missions without relying on donations and government grants.

    Helping Hand Cafe is a sustainable revenue stream created within the UMOM New Day Centers Campus. The cafe brings in money to the organization on a ...

  • Building sustainable revenue streams for nonprofits | Ep 8

    Amy Schwabenlender, CEO of the Human Services Campus, and Jackson Fonder, CEO of UMOM New Day Centers, talk about ways nonprofits can build sustainable revenue streams to help support their missions and become less reliant on donations and government grants.

    Helping Hand Cafe, located inside the...

  • Creating collaborations to solve homelessness | Ep 7

    McQuaid Mission host Eric Sperling and Amy Schwabenlender, CEO of the Human Services Campus, are joined by Dave Brown, CEO of Valley Leadership, and Catherine Alonzo, CEO of Javelina, a national branding and advocacy agency, to discuss how all of the organizations that work to end homelessness ca...

  • Rallying support around ending homelessness | Ep 7

    Dave Brown, Valley Leadership CEO, and Catherine Alonzo, Javelina CEO, join the McQuaid Mission to discuss how all the various nonprofits that work to end homelessness can develop a cohesive plan to fight the issue together.

  • Celebrating UMOM’s newest community, ‘Newsome Village’ | Ep 6

    Jackson Fonder, CEO of UMOM, shows viewers their newest 60-unit affordable housing community called Newsome Village in Phoenix. Fonder shares how a group of partners made the project possible.

    Rob Podloger, Valley of The Sun United Way Chief Community Development & Engagement Officer, joins the ...

  • Human Services Campus Leader Profile: Amy Schwabenlender | Ep 6

    Amy Schwabenlender sits down to talk about how memories of her father fuel her passion to help others.

  • Counting the unsheltered population | Ep 5

    Every morning, the HSC outreach team slowly makes their way around central Phoenix counting the unsheltered population with the goal of making contact and helping as many people as they can.

  • UMOM Leader Profile: Mila Valle, Director of Emergency Shelters | Ep 5

    Mila Valle’s passion for homelessness started while she was getting her master's degree in Peru. She had heard about UMOM’s innovative ways of ending homelessness, and she always wanted to be a part of their team, so when she got the opportunity to join their team ten years ago she jumped at the ...

  • Counting the unsheltered population in Phoenix | Ep 5

    STN travels alongside the Human Services Campus outreach team as they count the unsheltered population in downtown Phoenix. Amy Schwabenlender executive director of HSC and Jackson Fonder CEO at UMOM break down a significant grant that HSC received from the federal government.

  • Affordable Housing Statistics In Arizona | McQuaid Mission | Ep 4

    Joan Serviss, Executive Director of Arizona Housing Coalition, Amy Schwabenlender Executive Director of Human Services Campus, and Jackson Fonder, CEO of UMOM New Day Centers, take a deep look at the numbers and possible solutions to Arizona’s affordable housing crisis.

  • Waitlist For Families Seeking Shelter Grows Longer | Ep 4

    In Arizona, there are not enough crisis shelters to serve all of the families experiencing homelessness, and UMOM works to fill that void. One of UMOM’s goals is to shrink the waitlist of families who are waiting for shelter. STN gets an inside look at how the waitlist process works.

  • Prevention and Diversion with UMOM | Ep 2

    Amy Schwabenlender and Jackson Fonder were joined by Human Services Program Director Richard Crews for a discussion focused on diversion and prevention as ways to help reduce the strain of housing challenges on both those who need assistance and the systems in place to help them.

  • Sprung Structures | McQuaid Mission | Ep 1

    A discussion about homelessness and affordable housing in the valley with Human Services Campus Executive Director Amy Schwabenlender and Jackson Fonder, the CEO at UMOM. They discussed the numbers of unsheltered people living on the streets of Phoenix, the growing waitlist for services for famil...

  • Human Services Campus Leader Profile: Richard Crews

    Human Services Campus Program Director Richard Crews talks about his mission to end homelessness and the “dirty work” required to do it.

  • How Mercy Care is impacting lives in the Valley | Ep 1

    During the September episode of It Happens at STN, leadership from Mercy Care joined an Action Panel to discuss their mission, why September is such an important month and how they are measuring impact and success in the community they serve.