McQuaid Mission

McQuaid Mission

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McQuaid Mission
  • Episode 7: Using Tech to Tackle Homelessness

    What roles do data and systems play in the mission to get people off the streets for good? We examine the role technology plays in ending homelessness. Plus, with the searing heat around the corner, we take a deep dive into what that really means for our homeless population. There’s a popular bel...

  • Episode 6: The Next Generation

    Inside the “Action Nexus.” Sounds futuristic, right? Well, the future is now, because the next generation is hard at work and ready to tackle homelessness. We’ll talk about ASU’s solutions-driven program that’s empowering students.

    And having your ID handy, is something we mi...

  • Episode 5: Reality of Affordable Housing

    It’s estimated that more than 300 people are moving into Maricopa County everyday. Projections reflect 3,000 “affordable housing” units will be needed per year by 2030. When you combine those stats with a competitive housing and rental market, how do you make affordable housing...

  • Episode 4: On the Frontlines

    Arizona Republic Reporter Jessica Boehm joins us live in studio. As the Housing Insecurity Reporter, Jessica’s beat is homelessness. Jessica has spent time on the frontlines with Phoenix’s homeless helping to tell their stories. She will share with us her unique perspective.


  • Episode 3: A Campus for Collaboration

    In the heart of Phoenix you will find the Human Services Campus. Comprised of several buildings on 13 acres, HSC is a collaborative force consisting of 16 partner organizations. This tour is an eye-opening experience to the hope, promise and potential HSC provides the homeless community.
    Also i...

  • Episode 2: First Steps

    ‘In Maricopa County in 2019, nearly 3,200 unsheltered people experienced homelessness, according to the Point-in-Time Count, an increase of 22% over 2018. This is only a one-day snapshot of people who are found and counted.

    And the challenges will grow as the population grows, rents continue in...

  • Episode 1: What is the McQuaid Mission?

    When Mike McQuaid passed away from Covid-19 in July, Arizona lost a significant community leader. As the president of Human Services Campus (HSC), Mike brought organizations together to create a multi-faceted approach to end homelessness in Phoenix.

    The McQuaid Mission is a series dedicated to ...