Women Who Lead Arizona

Women Who Lead Arizona

In Celebration of Women's History Month and International Women's Day, we've curated stories from some of our female guests.

Women Who Lead Arizona
  • First and only Black-owned business in Chandler Fashion Center | Ep 6

    Leticia Long is back on the show to give viewers an inside look at her health and beauty store inside the Chandler Fashion Center.
    She shares with the panel how Shawn Pearson and the rest of the team at Zion Institute helped her get the capital she needed to get her business off the ground and i...

  • Girl Scouts - Arizona Cactus-Pine Leader Profile: Mary Mitchell | Ep 6

    Co-CEO of Girls Scouts Arizona Cactus-Pine Council Mary Mitchell sits down for a look at how the social transformation she witnessed as a young girl led her to a lifetime of social advocacy and leadership.

  • Rachel Bond, MD, Cardiologist

    In this episode of Arizona Achievers, guest host, Erin Moran, Senior Director of Go Red for Women, has an important conversation with Rachel Bond, MD, Cardiologist about the staggering statistics related to maternal death rates in the United States and potential solutions.

    Dr. Bond was nominate...

  • Human Services Campus Leader Profile: Amy Schwabenlender | Ep 6

    Amy Schwabenlender sits down to talk about how memories of her father fuel her passion to help others.

  • UMOM Leader Profile: Mila Valle, Director of Emergency Shelters | Ep 5

    Mila Valle’s passion for homelessness started while she was getting her master's degree in Peru. She had heard about UMOM’s innovative ways of ending homelessness, and she always wanted to be a part of their team, so when she got the opportunity to join their team ten years ago she jumped at the ...

  • Chanel Bragg, Arizona Theatre Company, Associate Artistic Director

    Chanel Bragg, Associate Artistic Director of Arizona Theatre Company, joins Arizona Achievers to share how diverse and inclusive theater programs can help make every community a better place to live.

  • Fortune Failures: Stephanie Parra

    “Fortune Failures” explores the challenges that have defined the paths to success for community leaders in Arizona. In this episode, Stephanie Parra, Executive Director of All In Education, discusses a crucial turning point in her career. Parra reached a frustrating point in her advocacy for equi...

  • Girl Scouts-Arizona Cactus-Pine Council Leader Profile: Christina Spicer

    Christina Spicer joined the Girl Scouts as a Brownie in second grade. As the new co-CEO of Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus-Pine Council, she has a deeply personal connection to their cause. She shares how the organization helped her younger-self realize her dreams.

  • Leading in the Moment: Project Roots

  • Waste Not Leader Profile: Hillary Bryant

    Waste Not’s Executive Director Hillary Bryant talks about how her upbringing in Arizona, her love for spending time outdoors, and her connection with nature drove her to be a staunch advocate for the environment.

  • Denise Resnik, Founder & President, First Place AZ

  • Fortunate Failures: Stephanie Vasquez

    "I remember feeling heartbroken and disappointed. At that point I had to sit with myself and think and make a decision. 'Do I continue on, not knowing what was ahead of me? Not necessarily having the support or resources and having these four professional people look me in my eyes and tell me tha...

  • Erin Moran, American Heart Association, Senior Director

    "You have to advocate for yourself. We've lived in our bodies longer than anybody has. You know how you feel inside. If something is wrong, something is wrong. . ."

    Erin Moran

  • Fortunate Failures: Christine Lin

  • Leanna Taylor, CEO, Arizona Pet Project

    “I think for a lot of folks who have never gone through difficult times have a harder time understanding what that does to your whole world. I was laid off at the height of the recession in 2010. And I very much remember making those horrible choices between ‘do I buy toothpaste or toilet paper t...

  • Fortunate Failures: Priscilla Ornelas

    "I always want to remind people that it didn't come without its struggles. It wasn't something that was handed to me... It was definitely a mind shift along with a lot of sweat and tears, a lot of hard work, a lot of being underpaid for a long time. But, I'm so happy that I had that pivotal momen...

  • Shawn Pearson, Founder, Zion Institute

    "I don’t accept ‘no’ because my journey has been that if somebody else had said no and given up on the opportunities that I was given, then I wouldn’t be here."

  • Leading in the Moment: Legends Performance and Wellness

    Legends Performance & Wellness started as a woman-owned gym, dedicated to helping people of all body types and backgrounds reach their fitness goals.

  • Stephanie Parra, Executive Director, All in Education

    How can the education system resolve the systemic inequalities that hold so many communities back from reaching their full potential? “It’s going to take a collective effort and all of us coming together around a common cause,” says Stephanie Parra, founding Executive Director of All In Education.

  • Bridget Pettis, WNBA Player/ Coach, Co-Founder, Project Roots AZ

    Pettis describes her team as a “village of empowerment and sisterhood” that became integral in her growth. It challenged her, enabled her to push forward in life and taught her the importance of creating space for yourself, and for others. ⁠

  • Fortunate Failures: Marcia Mintz

    CEO Marcia Mintz discusses the steps it took to get to where she is now in her career and in life.

    She knew that asking for help wouldn't be easy, but it carried her in her professional and family life to be the community leader she is today.

  • Berdetta Hodge, TUHSD Governing Board Member

    "A sister will always know how to get a job. But, the sister who knows why she got that job will be the other sister's boss. Never, ever do anything without knowing the why.

  • Kashuna Hopkins, President, Favored Medical Billing

    Kashauna Hopkins, President of Favored Medical Billing, never received formal education in medical billing. But, 11 years later and a business of 70 clients nationwide, she's proof that untraditional education might be a revolution in the making. 

  • Monica Villalobos, CEO, Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

    Monica Villalobos discusses the importance of the K-12 system and how it can be utilized to invest in the future leaders of our communities.