The Community Collaborative

The Community Collaborative

Prominent leaders from the Greater Phoenix area join forces to bring awareness to our community's most pressing issues and present actionable solutions. There is an increased demand for educational resources, focusing on opportunities for individuals and organizations to get involved in diversity and inclusion initiatives on a local level. In that vein, STN launched a new web series to highlight diversity and inclusion initiatives happening in Arizona. Featuring Arizona Chamber CEOs and member organizations, the ongoing series, titled ”The Community Collaborative,” highlights actions in motion to cultivate diversity and inclusion throughout state and local communities.

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The Community Collaborative
  • Community Collaborative Episode 25: Access to Capital

    In this episode, we examine access to capital as it relates to our communities of color. Past studies, including one from the U.S. Department of Commerce, have shown that minority-owned firms are less likely to apply for loans due to fear of rejection, and that they typically pay higher interest...

  • Episode 24: Creating an "Inclusion Index"

    There’s been a lot of momentum and movement in the space of diversity, equity and inclusion inside Arizona businesses. So what’s next? Chris Camacho, CEO and President of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council, will join us live in studio to answer the question: What will it take to get a first-o...

  • Episode 23: The Importance of Disability Inclusion

    Fighting for diversity, equity and inclusion goes beyond race and gender. This week, we will look at how business owners can build inclusion for people with disabilities. We’ll ask leaders from three powerhouse organizations what empowerment looks like for our community members with differing a...

  • Episode 22 Best Of: The Community Collaborative

  • Episode 20: Tying Executive Pay to Diversity Progress

    Should companies be compensating executives when it comes to diversity efforts? Tim Overton, Attorney and Diversity and Inclusion Consultant, joins us live in studio to discuss tying pay to progress. Also, what are the best ways for CEOs to approach diversity, equity and inclusion? Join us for...

  • Episode 21: Evolving the Game of Golf

    The game of golf is big business for our local economy. Some argue that diversity hasn’t been a strong suit of the sport, but many are working to change that. On the program, we’ll be joined by the PGA of America’s Director of Inclusion & Community Engagement to talk about changes happening wit...

  • Episode 19: Turning Anger Into Change

    Recent police incidents are sparking protests in our nation. Many are experiencing heartache, frustration and exhaustion when seeing the daily headlines. We sit down with the CEO of the Black Chamber of Arizona, Robin Reed, for a powerful discussion on turning anger into change.
    Also Xavier Gu...

  • Episode 18: Laying the Foundation of DEI

    Inside Episode 18:

    On this episode, we’ll explore how to build diversity, equity and inclusion into the corporate culture. We’ll look through the lens of a successful major corporation, as well as a start-up company working to build a strong foundation.

    Join us as we sit down with Raquel Dan...

  • Episode 17: Women in the Workforce

    March is Women’s History Month, a time to celebrate and acknowledge the important contributions and achievements of women. However, it comes at a time when the number of women in the workforce has significantly declined. What is behind the shift and what does it look like for the year ahead? ...

  • Episode 16: CEOs Creating Change

    In this episode, a look at where our local CEOs are in the push for diversity and inclusion. There is no one size fits all approach, but there are ways how Arizona leaders can help lead the charge.

    Also, we go inside the healthcare system where some real disparities exist. Hear how companies l...

  • Episode 15: The Value of Partnership

    In this episode:
    The Value of Partnership
    Changing lives and creating a new reality for the community of South Phoenix.
    We talk with Shawn Pearson, Founder of the Zion Institute and “Solutionist.” Pearson’s journey started with the mission of helping those leaving prison return to life in thei...

  • Episode 14: Black History Month

    In this episode:
    Meet the Man Behind La Machine
    Antonio Valdovinos is a force within Arizona’s business and political landscapes. His passion and drive started at a young age, but the road to success is unlike anything you’ve heard before. Antonio’s journey is so unique, his story became the in...

  • Episode 13: What is Allyship?

    In this episode, the discussion focuses on the power of allyship. Not only do the leaders dive into what it means to be an ally, but they also talk about why it’s so important to diversity and inclusion and how one can go about practicing strong allyship. This episode is all about how empowering...

  • Episode 12: Diversity, Inclusion + Equity

    We’ve been looking at Diversity and Inclusion inside our Arizona businesses. This episode, we’ll also be going inside Arizona’s schools. The state of education in AZ has challenges when it comes to D, I and Equity. We bring in the experts who have been and are on the frontlines of creating change...

  • Episode 11: Inside ERGs

    We've talked about the blueprint of the ERG but in this episode, we are going to show you the inner workings of one of SRP’s Employee Resource Group. SRP Manager of Diversity & Inclusion Essen Otu will share how SRP measures the success of these programs.

  • Episode 10: Covid-19 Impact On Diversity & Inclusion

    In this episode, our leaders remind us that, even in the face of a global pandemic, every bit of awareness and effort counts. They discuss the topic of microaggressions and ways we can be more aware of the impact we have on others. They also discuss the impact the Covid pandemic has had on minori...

  • Episode 9: The Community Challenge

    Our leaders shake things up by directly challenging all community leaders and influencers to take specific action toward understanding bias.

  • Episode 8: Different Realities By Generation

    The conversation begins by diving into the ways in which different generations can learn from and work with one another to create a powerful new force as we look to improve diversity and inclusion in the community and the workplace.

  • Episode 7: Current Climate of Diversity & Inclusion

    In this episode of The Community Collaborative, our leaders acknowledge the time and energy companies across the country are putting into their diversity and inclusion initiatives.

    In light of the upcoming election, they reiterate the importance for leaders to empower all employees to harness t...

  • Episode 6: ERGs: The Blueprint

  • Episode 5: Beyond the Diversity Tab

    While corporate America is responding in the moment to surrounding race and inequality, the conversation from today’s Community Collaborative reminds us to go beyond recognition seeking for doing the right thing.

    If our goal is long-term change, there needs to be a dedicated and genuine intenti...

  • Episode 4: Living Our Labels

    In the fourth episode of our Community Collaborative Series, we dig deeper into the conversation surrounding diversity and inclusion. This episode is packed with thought-provoking commentary and eye-opening experiences as our community leaders dive into the idea of living our labels.

  • Episode 3: Shaking Up the System

    The conversation on diversity + inclusion continues in the third episode of our Community Collaborative Series. In this episode, our community leaders tackle the barriers of bias inherent to many of the systems currently in place. Through their discussion, these community leaders provide a glimps...

  • Episode 2: Diversity + Inclusion Best Practices

    In the second of our Community Collaborative Series, our community leaders build on the discussion of Episode 1 with insights on how organizations can take action on diversity and inclusion initiatives in the current climate.

    Both Community Collaborative co-hosts/producers, Black Chamber of Ari...