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Risa Kostis, Style Expert & Entrepreneur

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Erin Moran, American Heart Association, Senior Director

Arizona Achievers • 24m

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  • Risa Kostis, Style Expert & Entrepreneur

    "It took me a long time to realize that I can't completely give myself as an entrepreneur and as a service-based provider if I'm not starting with myself. . . It is really hard to sort of put yourself first and be reminded that self-care is the ultimate form of confidence-building, self-respect a...

  • Joanna de'Shay, Executive Director, D...

    "We need to start training these fashion students earlier before they get into the industry. They need to be looking at fashion through a very diverse lens. They need to understand that there is racism in fashion... there's sexism ...disablism... ageism... When they start to kind of broaden their...

  • Jenny Poon, Founder & CEO, CO+HOOTS

    "When you're riding a wave, great, but know that wave is going to fall, and you better be prepared to swim. When times are really great, you should be preparing and getting ready for what the next thing is."

    Guest: Jenny Poon, Co+Hoots
    Host: Ashley LaRae, StylePHX, The Herberger Institute Scho...