Arizona Achievers

Arizona Achievers

Arizona is rich in success. Our business community is filled with hard-working, progressive leaders striving for a better tomorrow. If you are looking to get to know the faces behind the biggest organizations in AZ, this is the show for you. In every episode, key decision makers in our community share their success stories, failures and visions, so you get insight into their thought process and get inspired.

Arizona Achievers
  • Adam Goodman, CEO, Goodman Interior Structures

    In this episode of Arizona Achievers Goodman explains how Goodman Interior Structures, as a registered B.Corp, helps improve the environment, community and people it serves.

  • Danny Hoefelmann, CEO & Founder, The Good in Media

    At 25 years old he had checked all the boxes for what a successful life should look like (wife, kids, corporate job, etc.).⁠

    But, he was miserable. ⁠

    Like so many men, he was taught at a young age that being a “man” was not synonymous with emotional vulnerability. At his breaking point, his e...

  • Natasha Castles, On-Air Personality

    “Creative control is very important to me, even if it’s down to what color hair I want. . . I have tunnel vision in that sense -- where I know what I want this to look like. So, I don’t want any room for people to say that’s not what’s allowed to happen.”

  • Cynthia Sassi, Founder, Fabulous Media Group

    “If you’re going to go into business for something make sure it’s something you’re really passionate about. Otherwise, it’s really hard to stick with it and not give up.”

  • Corey Woods, Mayor of Tempe

    “At some point, someone who looks like me is going to win a council seat in this city. So, if someone who looks like me is going to win, then why not me?”

  • Devin Ray Butler, Founder & CEO, Arizona Entrepreneurs

    "Having friends and people around you who are helping you and giving you ideas, helping support you along that journey. . . It's very difficult. There are going to be trials and tribulations, and if you don't have that support network it can be very hard to stay committed to your vision and what ...

  • Erin Moran, American Heart Association, Senior Director

    "You have to advocate for yourself. We've lived in our bodies longer than anybody has. You know how you feel inside. If something is wrong, something is wrong. . ."

    Erin Moran

  • Risa Kostis, Style Expert & Entrepreneur

    "It took me a long time to realize that I can't completely give myself as an entrepreneur and as a service-based provider if I'm not starting with myself. . . It is really hard to sort of put yourself first and be reminded that self-care is the ultimate form of confidence-building, self-respect a...

  • Joanna de'Shay, Executive Director, Diversity Leadership Alliance

    "We need to start training these fashion students earlier before they get into the industry. They need to be looking at fashion through a very diverse lens. They need to understand that there is racism in fashion... there's sexism ...disablism... ageism... When they start to kind of broaden their...

  • Jenny Poon, Founder & CEO, CO+HOOTS

    "When you're riding a wave, great, but know that wave is going to fall, and you better be prepared to swim. When times are really great, you should be preparing and getting ready for what the next thing is."

    Guest: Jenny Poon, Co+Hoots
    Host: Ashley LaRae, StylePHX, The Herberger Institute Scho...

  • Dr. Jeannine Hinds, The Tiny House Doc

    "At some point, you have to make an informed decision to continue that path... As a child, it's the way that you were raised. As an adult, it's the way you choose to live."

    Guest: Dr. Jeannine Hinds, Tiny House Doc, Honor Health, Oasis Ministries
    Host: Lloyd Hopkins, Million Dollar Teacher Pr...

  • Rich Nickel, President & CEO, College Success Arizona

    "A lot of leadership is just being ready to lead, and then doing what you think is best."

  • Leanna Taylor, CEO, Arizona Pet Project

    “I think for a lot of folks who have never gone through difficult times have a harder time understanding what that does to your whole world. I was laid off at the height of the recession in 2010. And I very much remember making those horrible choices between ‘do I buy toothpaste or toilet paper t...

  • Stephanie Vasquez, Creator & Founder, Fair Trade Café

    "You don't have to know everything... We have these things in our mind that make us think 'I have to know this to experience this' -- no you don't. . . Just go. Because otherwise, you can't be a business owner, you can't be this and you can't be that if you're allowing yourself, like that in betw...

  • Berdetta Hodge, TUHSD Governing Board Member

    "A sister will always know how to get a job. But, the sister who knows why she got that job will be the other sister's boss. Never, ever do anything without knowing the why.

  • Essen Otu, Diversity & Inclusion Manager, SRP

    Essen Otu gets real about philanthropy, describes his "subtle leadership" style and explains the importance of self-care to his success.

  • Andrew Zwerner, CEO, Chassi

    As a former intelligence officer and Navy Seal, Andrew Zwerner knows a bit about what it takes to develop a high-performance team.

  • Olenka Cullinan, Business & Mindset Coach

    Forbes recently reported that 54% of women have left the workforce during the pandemic According to Olenka Cullinan, the silver lining of this mass exodus is that it gave women an opportunity to sit with themselves and as the big questions like "what is my purpose"? Cullinan makes a living "lovin...

  • Dick Foreman, President & CEO, ABEC

    Don't tell his colleagues, but Dick Foreman loves what he does so much that he would do it for free. Foreman was able to harmonize his background in business and politics with his passion for education when he came to ABEC. Learn his secrets to success.

  • Avein Saaty-Tafoya, President & CEO, AST Consulting

    This Arizona Achiever tells an inspiring story of how her experience as a refugee molded the path to her success as a healthcare executive. She also shares advice every entrepreneur needs to hear.

  • Matt Gottesman, Entrepreneur

    “I saw a need very early on for businesses and brands to adapt to a digital world that was going to become very savvy and a way that we were all going to communicate.”

  • Kashuna Hopkins, President, Favored Medical Billing

    Kashauna Hopkins, President of Favored Medical Billing, never received formal education in medical billing. But, 11 years later and a business of 70 clients nationwide, she's proof that untraditional education might be a revolution in the making. 

  • Brian Lee, President & CEO, Landings Credit Union

    “Do we allow ourselves to take a chance and get outside our comfort zone so that we can make a mistake? But, then also recover from it, and then learn from it.”

  • Thomas Barr, Vice President Business Development, Local First Arizona

    "I think we need to be inviting more people in. We need to be helping other people understand how they can activate the right way with the knowledge that they have to move things forward in a productive way."