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Episode 5: The Meaning of LatinX

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Episode 6: Generational Transitions of Power Pt. 2

In the Room • 45m

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  • Episode 5: The Meaning of LatinX

    LatinX is a new term used to define all people of Latin American descent. The term meant to be a "non-binary" option to identify with, which is an excellent idea, but it's causing some controversy in the community.

    There are currently 661,312,878 people in Latin America and the Caribbean who s...

  • Episode 4: Approaches to Activism

    Whether you're tweeting, choosing to shop at one company instead of another, or camping out and protesting in the streets. ⁠We think that activism isn't about how you do it, but doing something that matters to you. ⁠

  • Episode 3: Navigating Traditionally W...

    Episode three of “In The Room” reveals the concerns people of color have with entering back into physical workspaces, largely due to unnecessary stressful and inefficient work cultures rooted in systemic racial bias.