In the Room

In the Room

‘In The Room’ is a series dedicated to creating a safe space for brave conversations.

In each episode producer and host, Lloyd Hopkins, has discussions with influencers, leaders and bold thinkers on topics that range from thought provoking to uncomfortable.

We don’t know what we don’t know, and the best education is what we can learn from each other.

In the Room
  • Using student input to create education policy | Ep 9

    Dr. Tiffany Hunter, President of Paradise Valley Community College, and Dr. Quintin Boyce, Associate Vice President of Educational Outreach at ASU, join In the Room to discuss why it is crucial for educators to listen to their students and families before creating educational policies that shape ...

  • How is Arizona’s education system measuring up? | Ep 8

    In the Room hosts, Stephanie Parra and Lloyd Hopkins, break down the state of Arizona’s education system. Arizona is ranked near the bottom nationally when it comes the quality of public schools. Stephanie and Lloyd look at the struggles teachers in our state face and discuss potential solutions...

  • Actively listening & engaging teens when it comes to their mental health | Ep 7

    Host Lloyd Hopkins is joined by Jennifer Nye, Chief Operations Officer at Terros Healthcare, and Heather Budzien, Vice President of Programs and Branches for Boys and Girls Clubs of The Valley. They discuss why it is so important to listen to what teens are telling us when it comes to caring for ...

  • Girl Scouts - Arizona Cactus-Pine Leader Profile: Mary Mitchell | Ep 6

    Co-CEO of Girls Scouts Arizona Cactus-Pine Council Mary Mitchell sits down for a look at how the social transformation she witnessed as a young girl led her to a lifetime of social advocacy and leadership.

  • Arizona’s education statistics | Ep 6

    Host Stephanie Parra, Executive Director for All In Education, breaks down her organization's annual MAPA report on the state of education in Arizona.

    Stephanie along with Leticia Avalos, Principal of Central High School, and Dr. Paul Perrault, SVP of Community Impact & Learning at Helios Educ...

  • Girl Scouts-Arizona Cactus-Pine Council Leader Profile: Christina Spicer

    Christina Spicer joined the Girl Scouts as a Brownie in second grade. As the new co-CEO of Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus-Pine Council, she has a deeply personal connection to their cause. She shares how the organization helped her younger-self realize her dreams.

  • Teen Mental Health Intervention | In The Room | Ep 4

    In episode four of In The Room, we get to know the new CEO of the Arizona Cactus Pine Girl Scouts, Christina Spicer.

    We also discuss the tough topic of teen mental health intervention with Rebecca Duffy, Clinical Director at evolvedMD, and Dr. Karen Johnson, President and CEO of New Pathways for...

  • Adelante Fellowship | Empowering Minority Students

    Adelante Fellow A.J. Manual talked about the successes of the program and how evolving and improving it could help empower more students to reach their full potential.

  • Mentorship Program with New Pathways for Youth | Ep 1

  • Power of Mentorship | In the Room | Ep 1

    In the season premiere of In the Room, host Lloyd Hopkins sat down with the Executive Director of All in Education, Stephanie Parra to talk about the importance of mentorship and to take an in-depth look at the story of another local organization, and STN partner, New Pathways for Youth.

  • Episode 11: People Over Politics

    It's election season in Arizona.

    As we work to familiarize ourselves with the agendas of prospective candidates, it's common for our passions about issues to spill into more conversations at work, at home and with friends.

    Unfortunately, these interactions aren't always positive.

    It doesn't...

  • Episode 10: Policing & the Black Community

    Is there a sustainable pathway to healing for the apparent issue between the police and the Black community?

    This conversation isn't about finger-pointing; it's about exploring new strategies and ideas so that everyone can coexist peacefully.

  • Episode 9: Ecosystem of Giving

    This episode of In the Room features three organizations that show all communities of color what’s possible when you collaborate.⁠

    For example, since 2010, the Black community in Arizona has grown 33%, which outpaces the state’s growth rate of 13%. ⁠

    These leaders think that it’s important fo...

  • Episode 8: Generational Transitions of Wealth

    You can only be what you can see. . .⁠

    So, how can communities build environments of affluence that not only withstand generations but augment?⁠

    In this episode of In the Room, we’re joined by business leaders who are breaking through boundaries and cultivating inclusion.⁠

  • Episode 7: White Fragility

    That awkward reaction to discussions about race is called “white fragility,” and it’s caused by a lack of racial agility. Are you unable to have these types of conversations without getting heated? You might be missing the point.

  • Episode 6: Generational Transitions of Power Pt. 2

    Does a gap in communication create gaps in the transfer of power from one generation to the next?⁠

    Could marginalized communities pass down more power if there was more intergenerational connection and communication?⁠

    Could newer generations be further along in their causes if they built on t...

  • Episode 5: The Meaning of LatinX

    LatinX is a new term used to define all people of Latin American descent. The term meant to be a "non-binary" option to identify with, which is an excellent idea, but it's causing some controversy in the community.

    There are currently 661,312,878 people in Latin America and the Caribbean who s...

  • Episode 4: Approaches to Activism

    Whether you're tweeting, choosing to shop at one company instead of another, or camping out and protesting in the streets. ⁠We think that activism isn't about how you do it, but doing something that matters to you. ⁠

  • Episode 3: Navigating Traditionally White Spaces

    Episode three of “In The Room” reveals the concerns people of color have with entering back into physical workspaces, largely due to unnecessary stressful and inefficient work cultures rooted in systemic racial bias.

  • Episode 2: The Path of Resilience

    STN hosts, Lloyd Hopkins, Nataly Rodriguez and Ashley LaRae, share their philosophies and personal experiences overcoming adversity.

  • Episode 1: Generational Transitions of Power, Pt. 1

    How can leaders in communities of color help create paths and provide opportunities for our younger generations?

    Judge Cody Williams, Essen Otu and Ramses Ja join STN’s Lloyd Hopkins for an open and honest conversation about the power and importance of these transitions.