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Episode 6: Generational Transitions of Power Pt. 2

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Episode 7: White Fragility

In the Room • 54m

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  • Episode 6: Generational Transitions o...

    Does a gap in communication create gaps in the transfer of power from one generation to the next?⁠

    Could marginalized communities pass down more power if there was more intergenerational connection and communication?⁠

    Could newer generations be further along in their causes if they built on t...

  • Episode 5: The Meaning of LatinX

    LatinX is a new term used to define all people of Latin American descent. The term meant to be a "non-binary" option to identify with, which is an excellent idea, but it's causing some controversy in the community.

    There are currently 661,312,878 people in Latin America and the Caribbean who s...

  • Episode 4: Approaches to Activism

    Whether you're tweeting, choosing to shop at one company instead of another, or camping out and protesting in the streets. ⁠We think that activism isn't about how you do it, but doing something that matters to you. ⁠