Project Greenprint

Project Greenprint

STN is teamed up with Local First Arizona's team of sustainability experts to bring Arizonans an in-depth look at environmental issues and sustainability solutions.

The mission of Project Greenprint is to:

-serve as a starting place to discuss environmental threats and community needs
-empower you with data and the latest information on sustainability innovation
-help you rethink your habits so you can be part of the solution through action

Project Greenprint
  • Phoenix’s path to a greener economy | Ep 10

    Episode 10 of Project Greenprint explores the process of building stronger economies by recruiting eco-friendly businesses to local markets. Mark Paratore, VP of business development for Greater Phoenix Economic Council, and Sam Bertram, CEO of OnePointOne, discuss the reasons behind OnePointOne'...

  • Sustainability fashion and its social impact | Ep 9

    Beth Forsberg, Senior Vice President of Sustainability for Goodwill and Angela Johnson, Co-Founder of FABRIC, a fashion incubator in Tempe, join Project Greenprint to talk about how their organizations have partnered up to reduce the waste created by the fashion industry.

  • Protecting the Sonoran Desert’s animals during unprecedented city growth | Ep 8

    Bob Fox, Cco-Ffounder of Wild at Heart, and Vicki Preston, CEO at Desert Foothills Land Trust, join Project Greenprint host Kristen Keogh to discuss the delicate balance as the expanding urban area pushes the Sonoran Desert’s native species out of their natural habitats.

  • Get to know the new United Food Bank CEO Jason Reed | Ep 7

    Project Greenprint host Kristen Keogh sits down with the new CEO of United Food Bank Jason Reed, They discuss Reed’s plans for the future as the new CEO and what United Food Bank needs from the community to expand the reach of their cause.

  • Arizona’s water situation explained | Ep 6

    In episode 6 of Project Greenprint STN dives into Arizona's water numbers. What is fact, and what is fiction when it comes to Arizona's water supply?

    Sarah Porter, Kyl Center at Morrison Institute Director, and Charlie Ester, SRP Surface Water Management Manager, chat with host Kristen Keogh to...

  • Rounding up unused food with Waste Not’s collection drivers | Ep 5

    Waste Not’s mission is to rescue unused food that would otherwise be thrown away and get it to people in Phoenix that need it the most. STN gets an inside look at how their drivers rescue the food and hear from Waste Not partner organizations that use the rescued food every day and why it is so i...

  • Girl Scouts-Arizona Cactus-Pine Council Leader Profile: Christina Spicer

    Christina Spicer joined the Girl Scouts as a Brownie in second grade. As the new co-CEO of Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus-Pine Council, she has a deeply personal connection to their cause. She shares how the organization helped her younger-self realize her dreams.

  • Leave It Better Than You Found It | Project Greenprint | Ep 4

    In episode 4, Hillary Bryant, Executive Director of Waste Not, and Nicole Hill, Climate Program Director for The Nature Conservancy talk about the old saying ‘leave it how you found it’ and how everyone can help do their part.

  • OnePointOne: The Future of (Vertical) Farming

    Focused on its mission to unleash the power of plants on human health, OnePointOne is redefining what agriculture, farming, and food will look like in the future.

  • Changing the way we look at food waste | Ep 1

    In the season premiere of Project Greenprint, leaders from two valley organizations dedicated to correcting those systemic issues joined host Kristen Keogh in an action panel to explain how Arizona’s tourism industry is contributing to the problem, what can be gained from partnerships and ways to...

  • Food Waste Action | Project Greenprint | Ep 1

    Host Kristen Keogh chatted with United Food Bank President and CEO, Dave Richins, and Waste Not Executive Director Hillary Bryant about why Arizona is the largest producer of food waste in the country and what steps can be taken to curb that disturbing trend.

  • Episode 10: Transportation

    In episode 10, you’ll learn about the transportation landscape in our state. You’ll hear from Tucson’s Historic Fourth Avenue Coalition about how they’re getting creative with the community to rethink transportation choices. You may want to use some of their ideas! Scott Smith of Valley Metro and...

  • Episode 5: Urban Farming

    Greg Peterson, founder of the Urban Farm, teaches us about the basic benefits of growing food at home from reducing food miles to increasing the nutrition in your diet.

    We learn about Project Roots AZ and how former WNBA player Bridget Pettis is helping get fresh organic food to the most vulnera...

  • Episode 9: Community Engagement

    In episode nine we discuss engaging the community in environmental discussions. You'll hear from CHISPA AZ about their grassroot efforts to increase Latinx political power and civic engagement for a cleaner future. You'll also hear from Phoenix Revitalization Corporation as they share how residen...

  • Episode 8: Population Growth

    Arizona is among the top states for population growth. But, what does this mean for the health of the environment? This episode of Project Greenprint explores the negative effects of an expanding population and possible solutions.

  • Episode 7: Innovation

    Look behind the scenes of two innovative organizations that are on a mission to make sustainability common practice.

    We visit Arizona State University’s Solar Power learn about how they're advancing photovoltaic technology and making it more accessible to startup solar companies.

    Then, w...

  • Episode 6: Conservation

    In episode six we will highlight some of the conservation efforts taking place in Arizona.

    Director of the Arizona Chapter of The Nature Conservancy Dan Stellar teaches us about TNC’s 30×30 initiative and the actions being taken.

    Amanda Pomdore and Amber Reidondo of Grand Canyon Trust join us t...

  • Episode 4: Solar Power

    In episode four we will discuss solar power use in Arizona.

    Jake Bastian, CEO of Icon Power, joins us to share the impact
    homeowners can make when switching to solar and how to avoid headaches with your instillation.

    Learn about how 500 solar panels power the production of the Sun
    Day Solar-Po...

  • Episode 3: Energy Efficiency

    In episode three we will discuss energy use and efficiency in Arizona.

    Jason Laros, sustainability change consultant for Resilience Developers LLC will explain where we are getting our energy and discuss progress being made toward renewable resources. He will also explain the new grid and what ...

  • Episode 2: Arizona's Water Supply

    In episode two we discuss Arizona’s water supply.

    Damian Cox, the founder of Ecoblue explains Arizona’s unique water situation, what it means to be in a “megadrought, and what is at stake if we don’t do our part to conserve our most valuable resource.

    You’ll learn about a new pilot program in ...

  • Episode 1: Waste Reduction


    Learn why reducing waste is critical to our environment and the most convenient ways to cut waste at your home or office.

    Danielle Van Vleet, Sustainability and Diversity Procurement Program Manager at Arizona State University, will share her knowledge of Arizona’s waste l...