Of Sound Mind

Of Sound Mind

Our new series, ‘Of Sound Mind’ with Ashley LaRae helps leaders develop inner-focus and healing, so they can bridge the gap between who they are and who they were born to be. When we commit to healing and finding alignment, we improve overall life satisfaction.

Producer: Ashley LaRae

Of Sound Mind
  • Self-care vs. Selfishness

    In this episode lifestyle expert, Ashley LaRae explores how taking time for self-care can lead to questioning where the grey area for “selfishness” begins. At the end of the episode, LaRae guides a stress-reducing, healing sound bath.

    Producer: Ashley LaRae

  • Seeing Self From New Levels

    Take control of your energy levels with Ashley LaRae, founder of StylePHX, in our latest episode Of Sound Mind.

    Producer: Ashley LaRae

  • Letting Go of Guilt

    As we move through these unprecedented times, everyone is experiencing their own levels of both positive and painful changes. We, as a society, have never been through some of the unrest we are going through now, and this can affect us all in different ways.

    Producer: Ashley LaRae
    In some ways, ...

  • Healthy Expressions of Anger

    Producer: Ashley LaRae

  • Understanding Your Anger

    In this episode, we address how anger is most often so much more than what we see on the surface, it’s a key part of our emotional guidance system - alerting us that something is OFF and needs to change - so identifying those depths are key to healing.

    Producer: Ashley LaRae

  • Visualize Your Ideal Self From a New Perspective

    Now that we’ve had a little time to integrate some of the healing we’ve been working on together, the natural next best step includes taking inventory of what we’ve accomplished so far on our healing path, and then re-envisioning who we are now...at our next level, as our more healed selves.


  • How to Overcome Your Fear of the Unknown by Learning to Trust Yourself

    "There is no need to suffer in the fear of what's to come. We are what's to come."

    This is a message we all need to hear before the new year. How can we overcome our fear of the unknown? In this episode of 'Of Sound Mind,' Ashley LaRae teaches us how to trust ourselves and our intuition, so we c...

  • How to Realign When You Are Running Out of Bandwidth

    If the relentless events of change in 2020 taught us anything, it’s that the world we thought we had to live in - the way we were taught things have to be - has crumbled & exposed a level of confusion that has seen many people slow down and realize we don’t have to do things we were taught we hav...

  • How to Break Through When You've Hit a Wall

    We prioritize our work. We prioritize our family. We prioritize our team. But too often, leaders forget to prioritize themselves.

    Our new series, ‘Of Sound Mind’ with Ashley LaRae, helps leaders develop inner-focus and healing, so they can bridge the gap between who they are and who they were b...